Cáritas: how digital fundraising can complement the traditional methods

Cáritas Portuguesa implementou uma solução de angariação de fundos online.

Founded in 1945, Cáritas Portuguesa is an official organisation of the Catholic Church built from a network of Diocesan Cáritas and numerous local groups that work locally in parishes and communities, with a significant impact throughout the country.

This organization promotes a large street collection every year, one of its primary fundraising initiatives. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the inability to carry out these street collections, Cáritas implemented an online fundraising campaign based on the Salesforce platform for the first time and with the support of Raise N’GO.

Access the fundraising form on Cáritas website.



Implemented Solutions

  • FormTitan
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Raise N’GO Payments App
  • Salesforce

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The Challenge

For 40 years, Cáritas has been promoting a nationwide street fundraising campaign that mobilizes around 4,000 volunteers.

In 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cáritas was forced to cancel these street actions, no longer being able to receive these donations.

With a profile of donors over 50 years old, used to donating in churches, parishes, and street collections, this NGO quickly realised that it would have to contact its donors through other means.

The Solution

In 2021, with the new lockdown, Cáritas, in collaboration with Raise N’GO, launched an “online petition” for the first time to raise funds and complement the traditional National Public Collection.

A new donation page was created, which included the best practices in online fundraising: a very user-friendly form; integrated payments; responsive donation page adapted to both website and mobile, among others.

An integrated strategy was also designed to encourage donors to the Caritas website. This integrated campaign included a Direct Mailing campaign, WhatsApp, Facebook, other social networks, and some traditional media.

The Results

Although Caritas donors are unfamiliar with online fundraising, the results were surprising: one-third of the funds from the National Public Collection came through this campaign and the new form. The initial goal was largely exceeded, and this pilot project was hugely successful.

With the support of the Salesforce platform, this organization could mobilize not only its traditional donors but also reach new ones: 75% of these donations came from new donors.

Another great advantage was that Cáritas could identify, know and characterize its donors by increasing the number of online donations. It was the perfect opportunity to break the existing barrier of anonymous donors, thus making it possible to work on their loyalty and transform them into permanent donors.

With the help of data collected by the CRM, Cáritas can now communicate with its donors in a customized way keeping a more structured communication. Caritas can also assess which strategies are most successful and where to invest its resources.

Client Testimonial

“With a great experience and knowledge of the Social Economy sector, Raise N’GO quickly understood our challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. The team that worked with us on the project also had a great background in NGOs and non-profit organisations, so they easily spoke and understood our language.”

Hugo Coelho, Communication and Fundraising Department

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