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Starting from the goals and strategies of your organization we configure and integrate your database (CRM) with other necessary tools. We help you to evaluate the results of your campaigns and take advantage of artificial intelligence to improve your fundraising performance.

New Donors

Campaigns management of captation and conversion of Leads (from traditional face-to-face to digital)

Leads management, particular and corporate donors.

Integration with online forms and payment methods.

Marketing automation solutions: email, SMS, social media and ads.

Apps for tablets and mobile for Face-to-face and door to door.

Integrated solution of telemarketing

Video and chat boots.

Donor Retention

Dynamic donor segmentation.

Automated communication and retention.

Integrated solutions with payment methods (Direct Debit and others).

Resource to artificial intelligence (AI) to identify opportunities of up-selling and cross-selling.

Efficiency management in retention campaigns.

Reports aligned with fundraising plan .

Administrative Efficiency

Personalized stream of conversion and thankful messages

Automatic emission of receipts and fiscal documents.

CRM integration with accounting and billing systems.

Pre-fill out of data.

CRM integration with email (Gmail or Outlook)

Improvement of quality data respecting the GDPR.

Dynamic reports and charts (Exportable for Excel).

Other areas where we can help


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  • Online recruitment forms integrated with your website.
  • Automated management of applications.
  • Efficient segmentation of volunteers.
  • Automatic delivery of emails and reminders.
  • Management of regular events.
  • Holiday and absence records.
  • Assessment of every volunteer’s performance and time invested.
  • Volunteer Portal.

Social Projects

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  • Management of social projects and their users.
  • Management of documentation associated with each beneficiary case.
  • Standardisation and automatisation of administrative processes.
  • Management of public and private grants.
  • Management of collaborative tasks and commitments.
  • Monitoring of activities and results by project.
  • Evaluation of KPIs, objectives and social impact.


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  • Online subscription forms integrated with the website.
  • Integration with payment methods (electronic transfers, credit cards, Paypal).
  • Automatic management of subscriptions and payments.
  • Automatic delivery of emails with payment details and tickets.
  • Quick check-in (QR Code).
  • Printing batches of participant certificates.

Impact Evaluation

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  • Dynamic reports and charts in real-time (computer and mobile).
  • Charts tracking KPIs by area of management.
  • Internal sharing of simplified and updated information.
  • Control of information sharing.
  • Evaluation of KPIs, objectives and social impact.


If your goals are primarily to manage and optimize the relationship with your different segments (leads, volunteers or clients) the most likely answer is: “Yes!”.

Some advantages:

Used by more than 40.000 Nonprofits around the world.

The first 10 Salesforce CRM licenses are free for nonprofits.

Ability to adapt your strategies and processes (It's used by multinational and small corporations).

Fast implementation (in weeks).

Integration with other tools and easily scalable.

Security and GDPR compliant

Good documentation and a wide network of partners.

Continuous innovation.


"Tem sido uma ótima experiência trabalhar com a Raise N'GO nos últimos dois anos. Uma oportunidade que permitiu melhorar os meus conhecimentos e trabalhar com mais eficiência. Consegui atingir os meus objetivos de uma forma muito mais rápida e ajudou-me a trabalhar com maior motivação… Obrigada Salesforce e, claro, Raise N'GO!”

Rita Barbosa

Ajuda de Berço

"The overall experience with Tiago and the RaiseN'Go team was really fruitful. He was always on time, ready to help out with all we asked for. For the Go Live, he was even on disposal longer period of time than foreseen. The final product is super useful."

Petra Boic Petrac

WWF Adria

"Desde o primeiro contacto com a Raise N'GO que tive a certeza que era a equipa certa para ajudar a Nova School of Business & Economics a melhorar a experiência com o Salesforce. Desenvolvemos diversos projetos e têm sido imparáveis em nos ajudar… Uma equipa profissional, honesta, qualificada e agradável para trabalhar"

Mafalda Guedes

Nova School of Business & Economics

"Very knowledgable - even for someone like myself with very limited hands on experience. Calm, serious, very reliable and constructive. Would definitely recommend.”

Marjolein van den Hoven

BRAC International

"Tem sido um privilégio trabalhar com a Raise N'GO…. Um projeto customizado de implementação de CRM desde formulários online (angariação de fundos, newsletter) à sincronização com o Salesforce. Deram uma resposta espetacular às nossas necessidades com profissionalismo e acima de tudo com um grande conhecimento na área da consultoria e Salesforce.”

Eduardo Martins

Amnistia International Portugal

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