Is Salesforce CRM a good option for my NGO?

What is CRM system (Customer Relationship Management)?

If you are getting through technology or digital transformation, the concept of CRM might be a little bit confusing… especially for social economy. Don’t hold on anymore! Let’s clarify some key concepts and how a CRM system can increase the impact of your organization’s processes.

Basically the CRM system provides a central place where an Organization can store the information (data) about their stakeholders… And of course track all the necessary information. Having a CRM system also provide Organizations with the value to optimize operations, monitoring with different audiences and unifying data on a single platform.

What are the advantages of a CRM system for my NGO?

Increase the communication with the audience

Regular communication is a good strategy to increase the relationship between the Organization and the donor (or other relevant stakeholder). In fact, there are NGOs that end up losing regular donors without knowing their reasons, and in some cases it ends up being the lack of regular communication with their audience. However, you can reverse this situation with a CRM tool. If there is relevant and constant communication based on the interest of these donors, this will prevent them from giving up supporting the NGO.

The use of a CRM system will improve data quality, enabling the automation of e-mails (creating e-mail journeys specific to your audience) It is an excellent way to create a personalized communication based on the donor interest.

Analysis Reports

CRM is helpful in situations of visualization the Organization’s incomes and outcomes. It is possible to build reports from existing data already in the cloud and manage it with the most relevant KPIs. This way, both management and staff can track the performance of each activity.

Through the reports, it is possible to compare each period to highlight the Organization’s successes and occurrences. This kind of analysis allows a more conscious decision-making based on quantitative data.

Automate processes

A CRM system is much more than gathering and analysing information! It also has the advantage of automating a series of related processes with the donor, volunteer or beneficiary, allowing greater productivity and data quality. Um bom exemplo da funcionalidade dessa ação é o face-to-face, a utilização de uma ferramenta de CRM vai permitir que os dados caiam diretamente na cloud e poupar parte do seu tempo na inserção de dados.

How to choose the best CRM?

There isn’t an exact form to define the best model of CRM for an Organization. However, it is essential to consider some important details when choosing the best CRM for your use case. It is necessary to have in mind the necessity and dimension of the NGO in order to find out the best tool for the organization strategy.

Furthermore, CRM must be thought of as a tool for long-term use that can be scaled to other areas in the organization.

Salesforce CRM

When thinking about a relationship management solution, Salesforce is one of the first names that comes to our mind. Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. That can help the management of your Organization in different areas such as: marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT. It is a system that can be used by different types of industry, from the private sector, to non-profit organizations and the educational sector! Each organization has specific needs, so it is important to look up for a tool that fit exactly the challhenges of the NGO.

Especificamente para as organizações sem fins lucrativos destacamos o Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Prepared to manage data in B2B and B2C, the NPSP includes a set of tools, adaptable to the management of different audiences (members and donors, volunteers, beneficiaries). Additional advantages of using’s CRM:

1. Used by more than 50.000 NGOs worldwide.

It is ensured a continuous innovation by Partilhamos alguns casos de sucesso de organizações com diversas missões e estruturas e como conseguiram adaptar a tecnologia da Salesforce às suas necessidades.

2. Free licenses and discounts

Dado os valores de responsabilidade social da para organizações sem fins lucrativos, as primeiras 10 licenças de CRM são gratuitas, sendo que poderão consultar as condições de elegibilidade e aceder a um conjunto de descontos significativos em produtos adicionais.

3. Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Aplicação NPSP da facilita a adaptação do modelo de dados e de algumas funcionalidades necessárias às ONGs.

4. 360º Solution

Salesforce’s CRM is a scalable and modular solution, with a total configuration to the challenges and needs of each organization. Para além de dispor de ferramentas avançadas de marketing, e-commerce, analytics (Tableau), inteligência artificial e colaboração.

5. Integration with other tools

A expansão de funcionalidades e integração com outras ferramentas é facilitada pelas robustas APIs e pela AppExchange (loja de aplicações da Salesforce).

6. Easy to learn

Nem sempre a adoção do CRM por parte dos colaboradores é fácil, mas com a ajuda do Trailhead (plataforma gratuita de aprendizagem) torna-se ainda mais acessível a adesão de toda a equipa.

7. Available in desktop and mobile

Since we are operating in the cloud, data availability is guaranteed (without worrying about the infrastructure), either in the WEB version or through the Mobile App (IOS and Android).

8. Security and GDPR

In order to guarantee the security and quality of the data with which it works, the platform makes it possible to apply all the standards of respect for the GDPR.

3 Advantages of the CRM for NGOs

Would you like to know more? Peça uma demonstração gratuita e saiba como pode melhorar os resultados e eficiência da sua Organização.

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