The RaiseN'GO exists to help its customers to start and optimize CRM and Digital Marketing solutions.


We like to use the best technologies and implement solutions to add value to our customers, either by increasing the effective management of your marketing, either by saving resources in information management


We see NGOs and Higher Education Instituitions as important customers. We aim to cooperate with these organizations with a view to the success of their social causes, helping in the development, training and assistance to get the most out of technological solutions to such important areas as fundraising, communication, project management, training, events, human resources, volunteer and evaluation.

We are passionte for Technology,
Marketing and Social Causes.

Tiago Carmona

Founder and CEO


  • Pedro Nunes

    "The RaiseN'Go consulting service has been a tremendous asset to our organization, it is in fact the most Appropriate platform and allowed us to expand our business and Improve our direct contact with clients / donors. Thanks to the help we had, the software is currently in full operation and is creating impact on the organization helping us Also, in maximizing our impact on society!"

    Pedro Nunes
    Board Director - U.DREAM Porto
  • Rúben Lima

    "I have been enjoying this new project which is raising :) before the Salesforce community in Portugal. They have made a solid and necessary route towards our NGOs who have in Salesforce a help tool for their development."

    Rúben Lima
    CRM Manager
  • Ester Rosa
    The Salesforce with RaiseN'Go development service has a huge potential to increase our raising goals! So far it has been really easy to use and it will be great to explore its full potential as we go!
    Ester Rosa
    Project Manager
  • André Mota
    The RaiseN'Go consulting service is a great asset to our organization, the customization made by RaiseN’Go was done according to our needs and the support was very professional and fast. The platform is currently being used by all the team, and is improving our contacts and the way we interact with our volunteers, supporters and donors. Thanks RaiseN’Go!!!
    André Mota
    Development Coordinator
  • Joana Brandão

    “The recent support from RaiseN'GO services means na important growth in terms of getting all the potencial from this CRM tool, so important for SOS Children’s Villages Portugal to keep a professional and efficient relation with all the donors and staff. It´s being a very easy and close partnership, that is helping the daily work of many of our staff members, that use Salesforce in different perspectives. With this support, we will improve our work and create more integrated and automatized ways of using Salesforce.”

    Joana Brandão
    Marketing and Fundraising Director