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IT consulting and CRM integration


Project Implementation

We start by understanding your organisation needs and then help you to implement the CRM in a successful way. Besides the good technology solutions, we promote the training, documentation and support so that your team takes advantage of the right tools in daily work.

Sales Management

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  • Leads capture, segmentation and conversion.
  • Data model and flexible processes to your business whether B2B or B2C.
  • Smart segmentation of clients and potential clients.
  • Sales team management (goals, forecasts and results).
  • Products and prices catalogue.
  • Discount approval processes.
  • Detailed and customizable reports .
  • Mobile App.

Fundraising Management

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  • Management of campaigns and leads conversion.
  • Online forms (in your website) integrated with payment methods.
  • Automatic personalized emails of thank you.
  • Management of regular payments.
  • Smart segmentation of donors.
  • Management of public and private grants.
  • Matching-donation campaigns.
  • Automatic receipt creation and e-mail sent.
  • Advanced and personalized reports.

Grants and Scholarship Management

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  • 360º View of candidates, projects and partners.
  • Personalized application portal to facilitate the submission of quality applications.
  • Solutions to promote programmes and grants.
  • Reduce the task of clarification request and correction of data in the application with advanced mechanisms of pre-validation.
  • Take advantage of algorithms that facilitate the pre-decision.
  • Automate communication by e-mail and tasks scheduling.
  • Dynamic reports for monitoring programmes and alerts.

Customer Care

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  • Support case management.
  • Omni-channel support (WEB, social media, phone number, email, WhatsApp).
  • Integration forms with website.
  • Alert, routing and prioritization processes of cases.
  • Self-help and base knowledge of communities.
  • Monitoring reports and dashboards.

Students Management

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  • User-friendly application portal.
  • Offer the right payment methods in an integrated way.
  • Track the performance and conversion of your campaigns.
  • Take advantage of automatic communication to increase the conversion of incomplete applications.
  • Pre-selection rules of your candidates.
  • Centralize the student’s communication (email, social media, phone number and meeting).
  • Follow-up in real-time the relevant data in the pre-decision making (exportable for Excel).

Volunteer Management

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  • Online application forms integrated with your website.
  • Automatic management of applications.
  • Efficient segmentation of volunteers.
  • Recognition of donated time and dynamic gamification.
  • Automatic delivery of emails and reminders.
  • Management of regular events.
  • Volunteer opportunities maps.
  • Volunteer portal.

Social Case Management

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  • Management of social projects and their users.
  • Management of documentation associated with each beneficiary case.
  • Standardisation and automatisation of administrative processes.
  • Management of public and private grants.
  • Collaborative management of tasks and commitments.
  • Monitoring of activities and results by project.
  • Evaluation of KPIs, objectives and social impact.

Analytics & Impact

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  • Take advantages of a mix “Out of the box” reports directed to the different industries (Nonprofits, Universities, Companies and other).
  • In an intuitive way, build personalized reports that can answer daily to your KPIs.
  • Share updated information with the possibility to export for Excel.
  • Data analyse through Tableau.
  • Flexible to your evaluation model in the organization: outputs, outcomes and impact.
We believe in integrated solutions focused on results. This way, whenever possible we recommend the adoption of existing apps in the salesforce marketplace: Appexchange!
For specific solutions, we have capacity to develop quality integration solutions as:

Pontual and regular payment gateways

Marketing automation solutions.

ERP and billing systems

Websites (WordPress and others)


Apps and web-services


Besides the consultancy service in the implementation of CRM, we have the capacity to provide continuous service in support and development of your CRM. We do the training according to your needs. We have a CRM administration service, in cases that do not justify the allocation of an intern HR or administrations transient periods.

Marketing & Engagement

Generate and convert leads can be a complex task though is aided by a mix of appropriate tools. We comprehend a set of marketing and communication solutions that can increase and maximize your marketing results.

Book a free demo, we would like to design the best solution for your case.

Some solutions:

Marketing Automation

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Depending on the sophistication of your marketing, we can advise and implement the right marketing automation tool:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Pardot
  • Mautic
  • Mailchimp


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If your strategy requires the implementation of agile virtual telephony solutions, let us help you find a cost-effective solution.

WEB & Social Ads

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Salesforce offers robust content management and marketing digital campaign through Marketing Cloud or even from Pardot. Besides these complex tools, we know other solutions that might be a good starting point for digital marketing inside your organisation.

Face to face

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The digitalization of data records of new donors and clients in the street (through tablets or mobile phones) increase the efficiency and influence in retention rates. Beside it, we have the capacity to integrate a registered app with your CRM included a payment provider: with significant wins to the success your face to face campaigns.

Do you need to unify the database, eliminate duplicates or verify the quality of your email address and phone number? We can give a hand! We frequently do it in our CRM projects implementation.

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