How to maximize program management in the Social Economy

We believe Social Economy deserves the same technology and marketing capacity to share their mission. More than ever we see the constant changes in the digital world, both in the development of new products or in the ability to reach those who we really want to. Besides that, we know each association and foundations project is different whether on a social, cultural, environmental and educational area Certainly, this requires solutions capable of answering to the current challenges. However, how can we take advantages of a technologic tool in order to maximize the mission of your organisation?

Some of the advantages of implementing technological solutions are the basis for reducing administrative work, delivering projects and effective programs that are capable of responding to different social problems. Beyond opening new doors in the way of connecting with donors, customers, beneficiaries and partners. Therefore, the question is: In your organisation do you have the right system and technology to maximize your resources?

We want to present you, a database platform (CRM: Customer Relationship Management) recognized worldwide. Especially for its qualities of enhancing relations with its target audience and the multiple integrations with digital tools, for example, Mailchimp. And It is surprisingly adaptable to the strategies of the Social Economy!

But after all, what can a implementation help with my program management?

Program and activities management – Ensure the visibility of the true status of your activities and processes:

  • Diary track of each activity, application and program.
  • 360º view of your target.
  • Personalized application and a facilitator submission portal.
  • Dynamic reports of each activity, application and program.

Administrative Efficiency – Minimization of administrative work that will allow an improvement in time management of daily tasks:

  • CRM integration with payment methods online and website;
  • Registration of actions and document management of processes;
  • Standardization and automatic procedures;
  • Automatic communication by different segments.

Social Impact Assessment – Facilitator in pre-decision making:

  • Based on your impact assessment model, obtain a reading of the results in the short, medium and long term.
  • Monitoring the management of funds for each beneficiary;
  • Evaluation of the execution of each activity and program;

Would you like to know more about and how can our service help take the next steps in the foundation? Get in touch!

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