Technology solutions in Education

Nowadays It is a challenge the way higher Education acts from different areas of execution. From recruitment and admission, in the academic success of students and even in institutional marketing.

What is the impact of Technology in Education?

First of all, technology has enabled this type of institution to improve its processes in various areas. And most importantly the way of engaging to potential students, alumni, teachers and staff.

Although being digital is already in students lives, the same level of service from their Higher Education institutions is demanded. Which means that student expectations regarding updated communication and support are high.

However, moving digital in education can help you solve all these challenges and provide an unforgettable experience for your students. This way, we want to introduce you to the a platform that can help improve the experience between students, staff and teachers.

Salesforce might help you in:

  • Firstly automatize the manual task of the different areas in higher education. So the process is less long.
  • Secondly an overview of different areas. From Recruitment & Admission process, Fundraising & Alumni, Marketing & Engagement and Academic Success.
  • Thirdly will allow you to have all the information centralize in one platform.
  • And finally is totally adjustable to your strategies and processes.

After that let´s find out some features in the areas mentioned above?

Engage Students

Certainly, this is important because is the first step to engage your students. Which means convert into applications!

  • Record data of potential students from the first visit to the website.
  • Integrated management of online campaigns.
  • Create personalized journeys that drive to conversion.
  • Take advantages of artificial intelligence (AI) and the dynamic segmentation with alumni.
  • Provide efficient management of the partner companies even as their employees.

Convert into Applications

  • Provide a user-friendly portal of applications.
  • Offer the right payment methods in an integrated way.
  • Keep track of the performance and conversion of your campaigns.
  • Take advantage of automated communication. In addition to increase the conversion of incomplete applications.
  • Centralize the communication of your students (email, social media, phone number and meetings).

Marketing in the Education

Notice that your marketing actions are going to be the mirror of your conversion. So make sure all the campaigns are aligned to your Education strategy:

  • Track in real-time the results of your marketing actions in different channels: Online and Offline.
  • Get straight to the right students and segmented the communication to them with digital tools.

In conclusion, would you like to improve your results in your institution? Raise N’GO has a partnership with capable of responding to these challenges and other relevant areas in education.

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